My new book

Some of you might know that I write a book from time to time.

This time I have pondered the difficulties in turbulent times. Thus the title:

“Leading in turbulent times”


Where better to learn about leadership in turbulent times than from someone who has been at the coalface for several decades, through good times and bad? For much of his business life, Peter Lorange has had three careers running in parallel – as a business academic leading some of the most important business schools in the world, as the head of a shipping company and as a Board member for several multinational companies.

As a result, he has seen leadership from all angles, inside and out. In this book, Peter shares what he has learnt about leadership during turbulent times and, in particular, the key insights that emerged from some of the most challenging moments in his career. Drawing on his own experiences and those of other CEOs interviewed especially for this book, Peter identifies the four leadership characteristics essential in turbulent times, and the three leadership tasks that are critical to an organization under stress. He identifies the type of organization that leaders must create in order to meet the challenges they face today, and explores what it means to be the person sitting where the buck stops. Peter describes how he is bucking the trend and reinventing the business school model at a time when many organizations are keeping their heads down and hoping for the global situation to improve. How many other business writers can say they are truly ‘walking the talk’?


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