My understanding of todays post-graduate education

Dear reader

Few things are really relevant in live. But as an old „Jack Tar“ I know that only what is practical is useful. This is why what we offer is guided from the successful practitioners point.

If you plan to go on a sailing trip you need good wind to set sail. The same is true for advanced studies. What you need is the perfect timing. Time is precious. At the Lorange Institute it’s up to you when you tale what and at what pace.

Job first! Your part-time education is crucial to you. The same is important to us: We have no full-time faculty.

Surprised? In fact we are proud of this: no silos, no kingdoms, no bureaucreacy. Instead, we enjoy a stable network of the best professors in their specific fields. From all over the world. Me included.

Come on board. Let’s set sail together. We are providing academic value for good. That is: For you.


Peter Lorange


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