Adidas – stunning with strategies

On November 12 Mr. Jimmi Rembiszewski and I met with Herbert Hainer, the CEO of the Adidas Group, at their HQ in Herzogenaurach outside Nurnberg, Germany.


The Adidas Group is a highly successful company within the area of sports – various types of shoes, equipment as well as clothes – with leading brands such as Adidas, Reebok and Taylor Made. The group employs around 40’000 people worldwide. At the core of Adidas strategy is to come up with innovations on a regular basis that the customers understand and appreciate. Its success is largely based on this high quality cutting-edge products that feature relevant innovations from the news view print.

Adidas represent best practice when it comes to enabling a truly customer centric cooperation.

Mr. Rembiszewski and I are working on a book on modern marketing seen as a customer centric, innovation prove approach. Mr. Rembiszewski is teaching the 2-day module XYZ (formerly known as “Brand Stewardship” at the Lorange Institute.


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