The Innovation Award – Supported by Lorange

by Matthias Mayer, Head of Marketing

Yesterday the day has come and the UFZ (Unternehmer-Forum Zürichsee / Forum of Enterpreneurs lake of Zurich region handed over the innovation award sponsored by Lorange Institute to Matthias Rüegg of Rüegg Cheminee in Zumikon/ZH (a small town near Zurich).

Matthias Rüegg received the award for his innovative ideas, his company strategy and, last but not least, his leadership. The Rüegg Cheminee company has been in business for over 55 years and still in family hands.

Not only are they innovative in designing ovens and fireplaces, they also care about the environment. They invented filtersystem to prevent the exhaust of smoke particulars when burning wood. Nevertheless, Matthias Rüegg is not resting and came up with something completey new in the industry: only a few years ago he started setting up a whole network of franchising partners around Europe . That is all-embracing innovation and farsighted.

That’s wy we support the Innovation Award: We support innovative ideas

Wyh do we support the Award?

You might be wondering why the Lorange Institute is supporting this award? In 2009 Peter Lorange bought the school for one reason: He wanted to set innovative ideas in action. The Lorange Institute wants to be a place of innovation instead of a place of repetition, a place of action instead of reaction. Thus, we have made several strategic decisions to guarantee the most innovative programs. And we are in constant contact with our faculty to get the latest from their research in order to update the programs content.

It was a great pleasure for me to hand over the award to Matthias Rüegg (left). I got to know a company which was founded in a small town near Zurich but through its innovative ideas managed to grow healthy to a international player. Please join me to congratulate Matthias Rüegg, his family, his employees and partners for his success and his achievements.

P.S. Swiss Quality around the lake of Zurich, sounds pretty familiar to us.


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