The Power of Images

J. Francis Davis*) said on images:

“We see them everywhere: on billboards, in magazines, on bus placards. They come in the mail and in our Sunday newspapers: glossy pictures of women and men in silk robes, pictures of electric twin-foil shavers and Dirt Devil hand-held vacuums. And we see them on TV: living rooms with two sofas, white-lighted football stadiums, even Wild West gunfight and bloodstained murder scenes.

Images. They are so compelling that we cannot not watch them. They are so seductive that they have revolutionized human social communication. Oral and written communication are in decline because a new form of communication, communication by image, has emerged.” (read more; with friendly permission)
*) J.F. Davis, an adult educator and media education specialist, was on the staff of the Center for Media Literacy from 1989 to 1992. He currently works in the computer industry.

We are not setting a trend. But we are walking on a path nobody can ignore: the path of the power of images.

Shortly we will publish our recently shot image movie about our Institution. Moreover, each member of the faculty will present him/herself in a short video clip.

I myself was convinced once more about the power of photography, when I saw what the great photographer Peter Hebeisen made out of my, let’s say, weathered countenance…
Peter Lorange


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