The King

Two weeks ago, on Feb 11 to be precise, I had the tremendous opportunity to meet one of the most special personalities a Norwegian citizen can meet: H.M. King Harald V. of Norway.

You might wonder how and why I could meet with H.M. King Harald V. The story is short but makes me nonetheless very proud.

I was awarded the rank of a Commander in order of my merits and I humbly wanted to thank my majesty for this great honour.

I would like to share this honour with all of you in the very meaning of the word. Without your honest support and all your hard work I would have never achieved what I did in all those years. Thank you very much for that!

But I know: more than that you would like to know what we were talking about. Well, H.M. the King was very interested in how we are renewing the model of a modern business school with our particular emphasis on speed and innovations.

I eventually invited His Majesty to visit our institute. I am very much indeed looking forward to this very special day.

Peter Lorange




P.S. I was – regrettably – not allowed to take any pictures. But nevertheless, it is not prohibitied to show you our king.









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