Crossroads are made for decisions

Dear reader

In 1902, a 23-year old physics teacher published a job announcement. Under „Miscellaneous“ he offered private lessons.

Three years later he published his first papers on the special relativity theory and soon he was one of the most famous scientists of his time – his name: Albert Einstein.

Hardly ever is a career path completely straight. One day, each and everyone finds himself at a crossroad. At this point it is necessary to take a decision. But which one?

Our Career Executive Briefing precisely deals with these issues. What type of management and leadership will dominate in the coming years? What skills do you need to succeed?

Who could know the so called crossroads of a career better than our faculty member Matthias Mölleney. He is not only the managing director of his own consulting company peopleXpert; to speak methaporically, he arose from the ashes of the both well-known and tragic Swissair Grounding. He then was head of the human resources management and member of the executive board at Swissair.

If anybody knows his way around crossroads, then it’s him.

The company peopleXpert gmbh was founded in January 2006 by Matthias and Regine Mölleney on the banks of the Greifensee in Uster, Switzerland.

The focus of peopleXpert lies in the combination of innovation and individually-tailored solution-based ideas with an effective, pragmatic and people-oriented implementation. They strive as passionately for these goals as Matthias is lecturing at the Lorange Institute.

Or has he puts it: “When times get tough, human resource management has to get even better.

I ask you: What are you waiting for? Get ready for your career move – we will brief you on how to fully leverage your know-how in the market. We brush up your skills for the next steps in your career planning.

Register now on our website. I am looking forward to welcoming you on 4/5 April to our advanced management module at our institute, right on the shores of Lake Zurich.

Peter Lorange


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