Africa – an Economic Giant? Part 2

Dear reader

recently, in connection with our monthly newsletter (subscribe now), I published an article, reflecting in brief statements which haven been made by popstar and Africa-activist Bob Geldof.

This week I started to present you a few more in-depth thoughts on the topic “Africa – an economic giant?”, reflecting five statements. Today I continue with the second statement.

2. Statement

China is setting footprints in Africa, exploiting and controlling commodities from copper to diamonds. Africa could have and should have the opportunity to do it by itself or – at least – with the support of democracies such as European countries or the US. Have the various African countries really the know-how to do it by themselves?

Here is my answer:

 Again, I believe that the situation is more multifaceted. Let me give 3 examples:

–       In South Africa the economy is booming. The South African automotive industry, for instance, is the base for production and export of virtually all world-wide production of right-hand side driving wheel autos for quality producers such as Mercedes or BMW.

–       Botswana used to be one of the world’s poorest countries, but has over the last 2 decades transformed itself to a prospering, well-run country, with little or no corruption, well developed democratic traditions, relatively high freedom of-the-press, and a booming industry.

–       Angola has shown the way when it comes to offshore drilling for oil, both when it comes to technology and, even more, for paying close attention to ecological concerns.

I could go on with many other examples, that all indicate that there is “an African Way”.

Kind regards,
Peter Lorange


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