Job search and Social Media: The University Report 2011

Dear reader,

My whole life I’ve been deeply involved in both, advanced and executive studies and the economy as owner of a shipping company. One of the most important conclusions of my experience is that (unless you study human sciences) studies need to have a close link with practice. When you study you wish to either find or be back on the job as soon as possible after your degree.

Job search is key. In the latest University Report – Europe – Switzerland 2011 by Potentialpark a focus was on trends in social media and mobile recruiting. Among many other information the stuy indicated that students want to interact with employers on professional networks and that the graduates expect from companies

a)Building their professional network
b) or connecting with people they have met

You’ll find more and all information inside the report – interesting indeed.

Both, the ‘war on talent’ and  social media and online collaboration are important subjects in our various master studies. We offer a Master of Science in “Talent and Intellectual Capital Management” and, as part of the Master of Science in “Business Driven Information Management” a 2-day-module on social media and online collaboration.

Kind regards,
Peter Lorange

Who is…Entrypark

Their mission is to spring-board ambitious job seekers’ careers by facilitating their information-gathering and decision-making. By communicating relevant and valuable career information and opportunities from the world’s best employers, they aim to be the premier source of recruitment knowledge and insights for both job seekers and recruiters. Learn more about Entrypark’s activities below.


For almost a decade, Potentialpark has conducted market research about the information-gathering, decision-making and application processes of job seekers. Our knowledge and advice have helped employers, service providers and universities worldwide to communicate better with their target groups.


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