Things money can’t buy…

Dear reader

we are fully aware that there are things money can’t buy. Emotions like affection, love, friendship. Or a flight around the world in less than twelve hours – we lack the technology to do so.

But there are things money should be able to buy – but does not. I have been shown this terrific visualization of the U.S. debt. It makes you speechless.

On this image you can see the amount of one thousand billion dollars, i.e. one trillion (  Check out the whole story:

We should not forget that money is precious for it only represents what every person and every company is daily creating with their minds and hands. Or just think of the gigantic sums needed to save banks such as UBS or the Royal Bank of Scotland to prevent their fall into an abyss.

Let’s be careful with money, incomes, taxes. A safe economy is a warranty for peace and welfare.

Kind regards,
Peter Lorange


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