A new Era for Open Enrollment Programs

Dear reader,

we are about to launch our new corporate programs as we are convinced that many corporations are seeking for opportunitites in the field of executive education.

We were, of course, confronted with the question whether to offer closed programs only. That means whether we should offer tailored programs only, customized to the real need of the respective corporation. We do offer tailored programs. Nevertheless I feel the need for a lot of smaller companies to profit from executive education as well. (more about our corporate programs)

Discussing with participants at the 2nd Zurich Business Forum (in the large auditorium at the Lorange Institute of Business)

It was only last week when I came across the following article on the site Poets&Quants for Executives. The author, Clark Callahan, confirms, that “…in the past they have seen the demand for open enrollment programs ebb and flow with the historical tide of business cycles.”

I am sure, that not only the tide but also the time has come for a new era for open enrollement programs.

You’ll find the whole article HERE.

Kind regards,

Peter Lorange


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