The Interface of Art and Business

Dear reader

on tomorrows 3rd Zurich Business Forum we have the great opportunitiy to meet Jamie Anderson from the Antwerp School of Management and member of the Lorange Institute part-time faculty.

Before doing his workshop with Mark Esposito on the second day (“Marketing+Innovation”) he will lecture on Friday about a sizzling topic:

Going Gaga – Innovation & Social Media.

The growth of social media platforms has been identified as one of the most significant shifts in consumer behavior for the 21st century. In his session Jamie will explore the concept of social media, and appreciate the meaning of social media for organizations. Up until now, it has been unclear how firms can leverage social media platforms
for profit and competitive advantage and this session will address this troubling question. Jamies session will demonstrate that social media platforms can be used very effectively
to build profitable relationships with customers by presenting a case study on Lady Gaga, one of the most successful artists of the new millennium.

Best regards,
Peter Lorange

P.S. You’ll find more on Jamie clicking the thumbnail

– or read more about his project on Lady Gaga.

>> Jamie is teaching in our Master of Science and MBA Programs <<


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