The Lady and the Monster: Arts and Leadership

Dear readers

After the busy days with the 3rd Zurich Business Forum, I want to share with you an article about a project by two members of our non-permanent faculty

Joerg Reckhenrich and Jamie Anderson.

They both had terrific lectures during the forum (Joerg on the Korean artist Nam June Paik and what leaders can learn from the arts, and Jamie on the multi-media and social media phenomenon Lady Gaga under socio-commercial aspects).

“Who needs followers? A leader.” J. Anderson

The Economists renowned blogger “Schumpeter“*) portrayed one of their latest projects in a longer article which I would like to share with you.

The article is called: The Lady and the Monster  (klick to download your personal copy as pdf)

Peter Lorange

*) In his Economist blog, Schumpeter columnist and his colleagues provide commentary and analysis on the topics of business, finance and management. The blog takes its name from Joseph Schumpeter, an Austrian-American economist who likened capitalism to a “perennial gale of creative destruction”


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