Making money is art

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Andy Warhol once said: „Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.“
The ultimate goal of marketing is to sell more products and services, to more people, more often and at a better return. In this weeks program (today and tomorrow) called Customer Value Management Philippe Marmara and  J. André de Barros Teixeira will explore key marketing concepts, customer insights and techniques to support organizations in delivering exceptional marketing.

Peter Lorange

Philippe Marmara

The current senior partner and vice president of Globalpraxis Consulting is responsible of the group marketing strategy and assists senior clients in business development, commercialization and marketing. He also advises CEOs and GMs on development strategies and is a board member of Quantum leap / Options Avenir in France. His 25 years of experience include the Coca-Cola Company, Vodafone, Heinz, Unilever and KLM. He holds an MA from the Institute of Economic and Management Studies, Bordeaux, and an MBA (honours) from London City University.

J. André de Barros Teixeira
Dr. Teixeira was Vice President, International R&D, with Campbell Soup Company between 2007 and 2010. Since 2005, he has consulted on projects through eemPOK, an Experiential Innovation Management company he founded in Belgium, covering the following areas among others: new businesses, innovation strategies and customer-centric innovation. He is also a partner at A4BS, a technology start-up based in Belgium. Previously, he was Vice President, Global Innovation and Development with Interbrew (subsequently InBev) and was with Coca-Cola for 23 years worldwide and among many positions was President for Coca-Cola Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. He is a frequent guest speaker in a number of conferences world-wide and lectures in Innovation Management at business schools and is Chairman of the Board of the International School of Brussels


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