Why Apple should not call the lawyers

Dear reader

you have certainly heard or read about the battle Apple is fighting with Samsung. Have you shaken your head? How round may edges of a tablet computer be? If the only distinct characteristic of a high-tech product is its design, how innovative can the product be? Or the company behind?

For me, innovation has to do with how established organizations – in manufacturing and / or service – can come up with significant improvements regarding their product and / or service offerings which are understood / appreciated by its customers – it can thereby sell more and / or take a higher price! So, innovations for me have to do with how existing well–established firms innovate, to stay competitive!

But I don’t think it’s a question that lawyers should answer. In an article of the serie ‘Peter Loranges Letter’ which I am doing for

a leading international consulting firm specialized in route-to-market and commercialization issues, I reflect on innovation and how to implement it.

Peter Lorange

>> Click HERE or the thumbnail image to download the full article as PDF <<



2 thoughts on “Why Apple should not call the lawyers

  1. HelloI definitely agree with you. Thanks for this magnificent post. I’ve bought Apple Mac Book earlier this afternoon 😉 Looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

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