New Book: Human Resources through Strategic Partnerships

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Susan Jackson and Randall Schuler are both member of our faculty. Their special subjects are HR and strategy. Only recently have they published their new book together with Steve Werner from the Univerisity of Houston:


It explains how successful companies manage human resources in order to compete effectively in a dynamic, global environment. Long known and respected as a tightly integrated, clear, higher-level text, MANAGING HUMAN RESOURCES THROUGH STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS, Tenth Edition, presents strong organizing themes: strategy, teams, diversity, global issues, and change. These themes are highlighted in interesting boxed features throughout the tenth edition. The text also follows an organizational structure that emphasizes the HR Triad (employee, line manager, HR manager) with the understanding that effective human resource management requires mutual understanding and collaboration among HR professionals, managers, and all other employees. Because organizations differ from each other in so many ways–including their locations, competitive strategies, products and services, and corporate cultures–these experienced authors use many different companies to illustrate how employers address the challenge of managing human resources effectively. Examples of companies in many different industries include Southwest Airlines, Deere & Company, Wegmans, Lincoln Electric, McDonalds, TRW, Steelcase, Google, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, SAS, Outback Steakhouses, United States Postal Service, UPS, IBM, 3M, Alberto Culver Weyerhaeuser, The Ritz-Carlton, and many others. The authors selected these organizations because they successfully combine a respect for established principles of human resource management with a willingness to experiment and try new approaches, allowing them to succeed year after year.

Susan E. Jackson, PhD, is Distinguished Professor of Human Resource Management in the School of Management and Labor Relations. She received her B.A. in psychology and sociology from the University of Minnesota and her Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in organizational and social psychology from the University of California at Berkeley. Her primary areas of expertise include workforce issues in environmentally sustainable organizations, work team diversity, and strategic human resource management systems. She has published more than 150 scholarly articles and chapters on these and related topics, and is the author or editor of several books, including, Managing Human Resources, 11th edition (with R. Schuler and S. Werner), Managing Knowledge for Sustainable Competitive Advantage (with M. Hitt and A. DeNisi), Managing Human Resources in Cross-Border Alliances (with R. Schuler and Y. Luo), and Diversity in Work Teams. She is currently working with Deniz Ones and Stefan Dilchert on a new book tentatively titled, Managing Human Resources in Environmentally Sustainable Organizations, for publication by Jossey-Bass/Wiley in 2012. In addition to her university activities, Professor Jackson has held numerous positions in professional societies.

Randall S. Schuler is Professor of International Human Resource Management and Human Resource Strategy, Past Director of the Masters in HRM Program, and Founder and Past Director of the Center for Global Strategic Human Resource Management in the Department of Human Resource Management. His interests are global human resource management, strategic human resource management, the human resource management function in organizations and the interface of business strategy and human resource management.

He has authored or edited over forty-five books including: Managing Human Resources, 11e; International Human Resource Management, 4e; Managing Human Resources in Cross-Border Alliances; Strategic Human Resource Management: A Reader 2e; Cases in Managing Organizations and People, 7e.; La gestion de los Recursos Humanos 4e; La gestion des Ressources Humaines au Seuil, 4e; Internationales Personal Management; and Managing Job Stress. In addition, he has contributed over sixty chapters to reading books and has published over one hundred articles in professional journals and academic proceedings. Presently, he is Chief Editorial Consultant for the European Journal of International Management and is on the Editorial Boards of the Cross Cultural Management, Organizational Dynamics, Journal of World Business, The International Journal of Human Resource Management, Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, Strategic HRM Journal, Journal of International Management, International Journal of Management Reviews, and the Journal of Organizational Transformation & Social Change. 

He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, a Fellow of the British Academy of Management, a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and a Fellow of the Academy of Management. He is a past editor of the Human Resource Planning Journal past area editor of the Journal of World Business and a past co-editor of the Journal of Operations Management.

Currently he is co-editing a GLOBAL HRM Series for Routledge Publishing, London England, with P. Sparrow, S. Jackson and M. Poole. It is comprised of more than fifteen books and involves more than 200 authors from around the world.


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