Handelszeitung: Das Lorange Institute of Business wagt den Spagat

Dear reader,

the renowned Zurich business newspaper “Handelszeitung” publishes twice a year a special edition labelled “MBA”. In the edition of September, 15 we were portrayed in a questioning article, titled “The Lorange Institute of Business is doing the split”. The article is in German, a translation is unfortunately not available.

In my eyes the title is wrong. What we are doing is not “doing the split” but bridging a gap. We bridge the gap between best practice and permanent education, bringing together ambitous future leaders with a sense for innovative and sustainable opportunities and high-class and both visionary and pragamtic practitioners from academia and business.

This is an innovation in the field of business school which is unique, especially in Switzerland and that makes us distinct from other schools. We quickly react on new business trends bringing forth the latest during our classes. That is the reason why we allow to call ourselves “Buisness School of the Future”. We do not recylce old cabbage. Our learning is future-oriented.

Handelszeitung, MBA, MBA Special, Lorange Institute of Businessclick to open and download a printable pdf version


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