New University Partner in the U.K.

Dear readers,

The future of the University of Wales, a partner institution of the Lorange Institue of Business, had come into question following Welsh government proposals to rationalise the structure of higher education in Wales. It was compounded by scandals involving courses validated by the University of Wales at outside bodies at in the UK and overseas.

The university was a federation of institutions across the Principality, and its constituent parts will now go their separate ways. Two – Newport and Glyndwr, in Wrexham – will become independent universities, while Swansea Metropolitan will merge with Trinity St David, based in Lampeter and Carmarthen.

The new merged college will operate under the royal charter of Trinity Saint David, which dates back nearly 190 years. This new merged Swansea Met-Trinity university will inherit the Lorange Institute of Business’ master programs.

The UoW validated our Master’s programs; the validation was a warrant that our degrees were recognized in the countries of the European Union. So far, the Lorange Institute of Business Zurich is not affected at the moment.

I will provide you with more detailed information as soon as possible.

Peter Lorange


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