Felt and Fat: The new leadership principles by Joseph Beuys

Dear reader

yesterday I introduced our faculty member Joerg Reckhenrich who is both an artist and a consultant. Further to this he is adjunct professor at the Antwerp Management School and one of his main interests is the borderline between art and management.

Together with Dr. Martin Kaupp from the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), Berlin, he wrote an article on the most hidden resource in leadership: creativity.

Fat, one of Beuys’ favourite materials

They explore the borderline of creativity and leadership along the vita and the works of the legendary German artist Jospeh Beuys, confirming their statement that creativity is not a technique but an attitude.

Download the article as PDF by simply clicking the thumbnail below

Peter Lorange

P.S. The next occasion where you can meet Joerg Reckhenrich is in January during our one-day event series “Speed, Action: Results!”. The event will take place in the Kunsthaus Zurich. He will then do a museum exercise as part of his leadership seminar.



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