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Last week we published the interview with Prof. Espen Andersen from the Norwegian School of Management who teaches at our institute on February 7/8 (Competing on-line)

We discussed questions on how to transform website visitors into customers. Social media, he said, can be important as it can enhance the value offering by providing customers contact with each other.

Just these days, another faculty member of the Lorange Institute, Margherita Pagani from the Università Bocconi (Institute of Marketing) in Milan published a long article in the latest edition of the International Journal of Electronic Commerce.

Margherita Pagani is lecturing on IT and social media in marketing at the 4th Zurich Business Forum which takes place on Feb 24/25.

Zurich Business Forum

In the mentioned article, titled “The Influence of Personal and Social-Interactive Engagement in Social TV Web Sites”, she acknowledges that traditional retail and online brands seek new ways to build a platform to enable customers to connect with one another and encourage consumer engagement.

Together with her co-author, Alessandra Mirabello, she analyses how social media is transforming consumer engagement and redefining commercial marketing strategies using video on the web, mobile devices, and traditional TV.

With the model applied, they found that personal engagement has a stronger positive influence on activities that postulate a high level of participation (e.g., upload content on the Web site, leave comments in forums).

Similarly, social-interactive engagement strongly encourages the user’s involvement in all the social activities offered by social TV, and social-interactive engagement increases to a minor extent spectators (passive behavior). This finding provides useful insights into current social commerce practice.

Margherita Pagani

Faculty Member at Lorange Institute of Business Margherita Pagani,Margherita Pagani is a teacher and researcher in the fields of marketing, consumer behavior, e-marketing and digital media. She holds a degree in Business Administration from Università Bocconi, where she majored in the management of international firms. She also studied at the MIT Sloan School. She currently teaches at the Institute of Marketing, Università Bocconi, and as an affiliate of the Communications Future Program at the MIT Sloan School of Management.


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