Let’s not ignore the environment!

Dear reader

On April, 27, we will held a 1-day-seminar under the header “Grasping Opportunities of Climate Change”.

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What do we mean with grasping opportunities? Do we think of how to make fast money out of resources running short? No, not at all. We have a sustainable approach and think in long term relations.

A business school like the Lorange Institute of Business, what can it do for our planet?The climate change seems to become a reality – and it will change our societies on the long run.  Response measures to climate change will require businesses globally to rethink their strategies. Not only on the side of environmental sustainability, but also on the economic frontier. As a business it is an issue we simply cannot ignore.

Our Partner

We could not organize our seminar without the support of a valuable partner. Our partner is Climate-KIC. The acronym KIC stands for “Knowledge Innovation Community”. So, Climate-KIC is a novel community-driven European initiative. Its activities emerge from innovative and creative partnerships between the best available members – global and local, small and large – from the corporate, public and academic worlds.

Presentation method: Discussions!

We have invited several experts, some of them from Climate-KIC. But contrary to other business events we don’t intend to have teaching-centered presentations. On the contrary.

We invite all participants to interact with our experts and to exchange opinions. According to our experience, all participants take home more value by doing so.

I am looking forward to welcoming you!

Peter Lorange

Business School: The Lorange Institute of Business in Horgen


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