Obituary – Nachruf: Mr. MAERSK McKinney Möller (1913 – 2012)

Mr. MAERSK McKinney Möller – perhaps the world’s leading ship owner – passed away last Monday at the age of 98!

MAERSK McKinney Möller, honored by the business school academic Peter Lorange, the President of the Lorange Institute of Business in Horgen

MAERSK McKinney Möller (1913 – 2012)

Mr. Möller had it all:

  • An incredible ability to understand several shipping segments business cycles at the same time – always being correct with his “in/out” and “long/short” decisions.
  • Not being afraid of exercising top-down driven decisions, so that his company always was well positioned in emerging industries
  • Attention to relevant details, too
  • Hard-working and unselfish – particularly impressive given his large ownership stake in his company.

Mr. Möller set an example for many business leaders – not only from within shipping, but among many other industries, too.

He shall be sorely missed!

Peter Lorange


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