The intriguing task of change management.

Dear reader

In the month to come we have a tough agenda at our business school. Later I will tell you more about the programs. This time I would just like to introduce you to one of our faculty members, Dr Svein Andersen.

He will teach in our 2-day-module “Change Management & Organizational Design” which takes place on June 14/15. In the newsroom of our website you’ll find his interview on change management.

Svein is a professor at the Norwegian School of Management and has held various academic positions over the last 25 years, including as a visiting professor at Berkeley and adjunct professor at the University of Oslo.

His teaching experience includes executive leadership and sports management. He holds two PhDs, one from the University of Oslo and one from Stanford University.

I encourage you to join us for the 2-day-module on “Change Management & Organizational Design”. Managers faced with organizational design issues will profit in particular from enrolling in this.

Next week I will provide you additional information.

I wish you all a nice weekend.

Peter Lorange


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