Von Armin Meier zu Werner Augsburger: die Referenten an unserer Tagung

Dear reader

2 weeks ago we organized a

One day seminars  on leadership pressures, stress and burn-out (May 31, german: Gesunder Umgang mit Leistungsdruck, Stress und Wettbewerb)

This highly successful one day Speed, Action: Results workshop featured 7 expert speakers. We published a few pictures  on our Facebook pinboard.

The seven speakers, whom I would like to thank again for their lectures, covered the following:

Armin Meier, speaker at the Business School Lorange Institute of BusinessArmin Meier – Managing Director Boyden Global Executive Search, Zurich, covered the major tasks of the executive search function. He stressed, among other things, the importance of fit between a prospective candidate’s priorities and the culture of a given corporation.


Alex Antonitsch, speaker at the Business School Lorange Institute of BusinessAlexander Antonitsch – Owner Institut of Leistungsmanagement (ILM), stressed methods / tools to measure impacts of stress on humans, e.g. heart rates, skin density, etc. Much of this was pioneered in the fields of sports, above all tennis.


Matthias Burisch, speaker at the Business School Lorange Institute of BusinessProf. Dr. Matthias Burisch – Owner of the Burnout Institut of Northern Germany, outlined several ways to detect burnout, and also gave several examples of this – one focusing on an individual’s feeling of too high and uncontrollable work-load, another on too heavy focus on superior performance, a third on extreme loneliness, and so on.

Werner Augsburger, speaker at the Business School Lorange Institute of BusinessWerner Augsburger – Head of Swiss Volley with a 10 years Olympic experience, focused on the role of potential stress among athletes in sports, perhaps being particular associated with the need to perform at extremely high expected levels. The role of team affiliation was emphasized as a key ameliorating factor.

Ronnie Bachofner, speaker at the Business School the Lorange Institute of BusinessDr. med. Ronnie Bachofner – Owner of the FMH Clinic, focused on several of the key symptoms in our bodies, and how stress could lead to lack of proper functioning of these – sleep being a key example.


Beat Kunz, speaker at the Business School the Lorange Institute of BusinessBeat Kunz – Head of HR and member of the Management Board at ABB Turbo Systems AG, outlined the so-called SWING approach to detecting and managing stress at ABB Turbo Systems AG. The “early warning” benefits from this approach seem particularly helpful. Secondary benefits, such as development of a more participative style in workshops were also highlighted.

Matthias Mölleney speaker at the Business School the Lorange Institute of BusinessMatthias Mölleney – President of ZGP, highlighted recent shifts in workforce attitudes, of key importance for how organizations of the future might look – less hierarchy, less bureaucracy, closer to the customer.


General: The Lorange Institute of Business Zurich is focusing on what make today’s executives more effective and how corporations are reorganizing themselves to cope with added turbulence and new realities. More on this was discussed at our workshop on Organizational Design on June 14 and 15, conducted by Professor Svein Andersen.

Peter Lorange


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