Here are the speakers of the 5th Zurich Business Forum

Dear friends

The 5th Zurich Business Forumis about to open its doors: on Friday/Saturday 21/22 September.

Again we have a terrific agenda and great speakers and lecturers. Though, I don’t like the idea of lecturers. They don’t lecture. They run workshops and you rather discuss with them in an unbiased way the relevant topics.

A great opportunity for all parties involved to meet new partners, new ideas, new peers – in brief: it’s a networking hotspot.

I am looking forward to seeing you and the speakers below.

Peter Lorange



Karl Landert, Credit Suisse

Karl Landert, former CIO Credit Suisse
Use it or loose it: How IT impacts modern banking.



Karl Pilny

Dr. Karl Pilny, Asia expert and author
Tomorrow’s success: Green Innovation and Technology





AZ Medien CEO Ch. Bauer

Dr. Christoph Bauer, CEO AZ Medien AG
What comes after the newspaper? New business models in media



Peter van Bladeren Head of NRC Nestlé Research Centre Lausanne

Peter van Bladeren, Head NRC Nestlé Research Center
What shall we eat tomorrow? Innovation in consumer Goods



Daniel Krebser CCO, Atizo AG
Daniel Krebser, CCO, Atizo AG
A world without licenses: crowdsourcing/open innovation




Dr Mark Esposito Professor, Founder & Director Centre Labs for Responsible Competitiveness

Dr. Mark Esposito, Founder & Director Centre Labs for Responsible Competitiveness
How to turn venture into success: Bottom of the pyramid innovations and business opportunities.



Erhard Rüttimann President and CEO of Communication Partners AG

Erhard Rüttimann, President und CEO von Communication Partners AG
The turn of the tide: how technology impacts the modern firm.



Alfonso Tasso, VP Sales & Operations Swisscom Hospitality

Alfonso Tasso,     VP Sales & Operations Swisscom Hospitality
Why and how the Internet is going to change and innovate the hotel industry?



Rudolf Burkhard Business Development Director, VISTEM GmbH & Co. KG
Rudolf Burkhard, Business Development Director, VISTEM GmbH & Co. KG
Effectively use our scarce innovation resources: a theory of constraints.




Peter Curtis CEO, Seaspan Corporation

Peter Curtis, CEO Seaspan Corporation
Sail on! Innovation in ship design


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