Where and which Business School should you attend?

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Why should a European executive travel to the USA to make an Ex. MBA?

There are reasons to do so. But there are also reasons to stay close to where you work.

In a remarkable article by the experienced MBA consultant Christiane Holländer, published last week by the German paper “Handelsblatt”, she made European business schools and their programs a subject of discussion and mentioned our business school as well.

You might already be aware that we at the Lorange Institute have a visiting faculty instead of a permanent faculty. She commentates on one core issue of a visiting faculty: after their teaching the professors leave and will only be back for the next module. That means there are little opportunities for discussions before or after let’s say a ten-day-module.

Artikel von Christiane Holländer in der deuteschen Handleszeitung

Click the image to download the article (5.5 MB)

But is this really true, and is it specifically true for a part-time Executive MBA? After completing a module, the participants go back to their jobs. Even with a permanent faculty they could not simply go and talk to the professors, but they might give them a call.

The same is true with a visiting faculty from overseas. Should participants really need to discuss something with a professor, they can rely on contemporary communications tools such Internet telephony, known as voice over IP, and, of course, e-mail.

I fully understand Christianes objection and would not want to play it down. However, I think that there are solutions for this issuee.

You can read Christiane Holländers article in this PDF. Simply click on the picture above to start the download.

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