Former Lorange-Students est. Shipping Company

Dear reader

In a large article of the German news magazine „Der Spiegel“ I found a portrait of two young shipowners.

I was fascinated that today young people have the courage to become entrepreneurs in that tight market still; but even more was I fascinated by the fact that I knew them in person.

Last year the two entrepreneurs attended our study module on shipping, one was Alex Tebbe, the other one Lucius Bunk.

Lucius Bunk (left) and Alexander Tebbe, the owners of “Auerbach Schifffahrt”

The pictures was taken by Helge Stroemer,*)
author of the article in the SPIEGEL (click to read SPIEGEL online)

They are the owners of the German shipping company „Auerbach Schifffahrt“, a small boutique with three ships only. Did I say only?

That is not not meant in a pejorative sense, on the contrary. They have a clear strategy and invested in three general cargo vessels (contrary to container ships), transporting commodity such as wood or rice.

When I read the article, I was happy for two reasons:

As a former ship owner I am particularly happy, as I said, that two young professionals have the courage to start a shipping company.

But as the owner of a business school I am proud to say that they took the opportunity and invested their precious time in a study module on shipping at my institute.

To me this is a proof of how close we are to everyday’s business and how far away from theoretical cases.

Always fair winds and following seas!
Peter Lorange

*) Helge Stroemer is an independent journalist from Hamburg. He often writes about naval and martimes subjects. He has published the documentary “The Harbor never sleeps” on DVD.


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