Why am I excited about the first quarter?

Dear reader

After a two week holiday break I am back to business. We are facing exciting weeks until the first day of spring.

Open Day

On January 16 we open our doors for all people interested. So, if you like to meet us in a relaxed atmosphere, come over and join us for the open day.


January 21 is the beginning of our 10-day finance module. You can book this seminar without being a student. ECTS points will be credited and the fees reimbursed in case you start our Executive MBA program.
One of our speakers is Nilanjan Sen. He is associate professor of the Division of Banking and Finance at the Nanyang Business School in Singapore. His primary research focus is on Corporate Governance, Control Issues and International Finance.

Shipping and Leadership

February 11/12 and Feb 18/19 are each two days for short and intensive seminars.
The first is the “Innovation in Shipping” seminar, the second is about leadership and called “Leading with Impact“, taught by Mario Castagnetta, founder and director of Synchronicity SA, an international Human Resources Consulting company based in Geneva and Paul Vanderbroeck whom we recently interviewed.

Social Media

On March 11 and 12, Dr. Peter Otto is the instructor of the 2-day-module on social media. He commented events at Hewlett Packard in this blog.

6th Zurich Business Forum

Height of the season is certainly our 6th Zurich Business Forum, taking place on March 15 and 16. It has a focus on business ethics and sustainability. Keynote speaker are (amongst many others) Claude Hauser, former chairman of the board Migros, Dr Gerhard Prätorius from Volkswagen Group and Joachim Strähle, CEO of Bank Sarasin & Co. Ltd.

I guess you can understand why I am excited about the weeks ahead of us. I hope you’re delighted as well and I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Peter Lorange

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