Steering a ship is like leading a company

Dear reader

Some of you now that I have been fascinated by the sea ever since I was young. Growing up in Norway with its countless fjords and its shipping heritage might have ignited this fascination and been responsible that I went into shipping with my own shipping company.

BBC Chartering Group Magazine

Click the image to download the interview

Moreover I have been committed to shipping as business academic, and even today at my own business institute I organise a shipping module to discuss all the issues in and around the industry trying to pass on my knowledge – and still learning new things.

Today, shipping companies are challenged more than ever to innovate, not only regarding their assets, products and services but also their cultures, organizations and structures if they strive to stay as top performing companies.

What is needed to manoeuvre a shipping / transportation company through these turbulent times? Not only will we discuss these issues in the upcoming module

Innovation in Shipping on Februar 11 / 12

Probably the best MBA in Zurich - the Executive MBA of the Lorange Institute of Business

I furthermore have been interviewed by Raymond Fish of the magazine of the BBC Chartering Group about the challenges of the industry.

I would like to share this interview with you and hope to see you in February.

Until then I wish you always fair winds and following seas!

Peter Lorange


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