Working Smarter in a Digital Economy

Dear reader

Let me start with a wrong statement: “The future of business is digital.” Wrong, you might ask? Of course it is wrong. The present and the business of today is digital.

Digital business is omnipresent. This is a fact that makes the search for answers on how to profit from it not easier. Everybody is somehow aware that “business is online” and that “the internet is a cash cow”. These are commonplaces.

We will look closer at noteworthy issues such as how to be successful when doing business online and how to gain a new understanding of our way through the cyberspace and the threats, rights, and duties connected to it.

Digiatl Business. Forum. April. 2013.Our day event “Speed, action: results!” on April, 19. Book your seat right now.
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Just think of all the companies and brands that are now advanced by the digital opportunities that allow to acquire, to excite and to engage their customers.

We want to know how some of today’s most important practices look like. We have thus invited speakers from renowned companys such as Robert Beer from XING, Giovanni Fantasia from ebay or Microsofts country manager advertising online, Arend Hendriks.

We are aware that business networks have a growing impact on us. But is this transformation of the information society good or bad? And for whom?

We will provide you with answers. Join us for our day event “Speed, Action: Results!” and learn how to work smarter in a digital economy.

I am looking forward to welcoming you!

Peter Lorange


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