Business school culture

Dear reader

in an article I wrote (the official term is ‘research paper’) for ‘EDUCATION+TRAINING‘ (an Emerald Journal), I examined and questioned aspects of the culture of the modern business school, and investigated the possibilities for a more student oriented, more responsive, more flexible and performance-driven culture.

The paper is a critical discourse on the cultural conservatism of contemporary business schools, analysing the impediments to change, and examining the transformation in the business education market and among students, that demand greater responsiveness.

I find that while the traditional culture of business schools is deeply embedded in professional practices and axiomatic disciplines, the seismic changes occurring in technology and social practices beyond the business school are impelling business schools to adapt and become more agile.

I am convinced that the paper provides a fresh assessment of where the business schools are, and where they will have to go to continue to engage the changing demands of business and managers.

I invite you to download it and/or simply share this link.

Kind regards,
Peter Lorange
Peter Lorange, Lorange Institute of Business


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