Is this a great success story?

Sorry for the provocative title, but the answer is: of course it is!

It was just this week that the Swiss national newspaper „Tagesanzeiger“ (reaching up to 500’000 readers every day) published a portrait of one our EMBA graduates in its career supplement.

The young logistics manager Mate Vukorepa, currently working in a managerial position at the german HAWE Hydraulics SE, started his post-graduate education with a MSc in Management with a major in Logistics.

However, he had planned from the very beginning to make his EMBA. We are one of the few business schools which offers a consecutive curriculum. That means that we have our students start with a specialized education, say, and MSc in Management with one of four majors. Should they want to make an EMBA, they simply continue booking the missing modules to receive their EMBA, which is, as we all know, a generalist management education.

So, our graduate student Mate eventually has received two post-graduate degrees, his MSc in Management with a major in Logistics and his Executive MBA in the same time as others use for just one.

I recommend you to read his full story in the PDF below.

Peter Lorange

EMBA Weiterbildung Tages-Anzeiger

EMBA Weiterbildung Zürich Tagesanzeiger




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