Taking A Detour Can Lead To Greater Innovation

Dear reader

Just this week I came across an article from Faisal Hoque*) who is, as he states, ” a devoted student of life, entrepreneurship, and humanity.”

In his article he concludes that the “father of microsurgery”, the american Julius Jacobson can teach us a few things about innovation. For one thing, the road to getting there is a journey full of detours, not a straight trajectory.

Julius Jacobson
Dr. Julius Jacobson

Briefly summarised: Through Jacobson’s insight from another field, he launched the field of microvascular surgery in 1960. The re-implantation of severed limbs, heart bypass surgery, and a myriad of other surgical procedures became possible.

From his story, which you can find here, we can learn a great deal about innovation:

  • It often results from the cross-fertilization of ideas in different fields.
  • To have value, it must find its way into the hands of those who can use it.
  • It is the solution to a problem or a need.
  • It is often serendipitous.

See you soon!
Peter Lorange

*) Faisal Hoque
Faisal HoqueFounder of SHADOKA and other companies. Newest book “Everything Connects” (McGraw Hill). Twitter: @faisal_hoque. Formerly of GE, and other global brands. He left his birth-land Bangladesh at the age of 17, and now calls America his home.



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