How we can learn from companies such as H&M or Zara

Dear reader

The modern multitaskers rely on entirely different channels for communication. They are more comfortable with social media, the web, apps… For them it is key that they get a sense of “one-to-one” marketing communication. This also implies more interactiveness.

To implement fast changes requires new corporate thinking and development of new capabilities: Incrementation listening to the consumer – without an arrogant mind.

It is hard to summarise a book in a few words. Thanks to the European Business Review, Jimmi Rembiszewski who wrote the book with me an I had the opportunity to write this article in the last edition of the European Business Review.

From Great to Gone Markeeting in the digital agePlease click to download and to share the article.

I think the book is a good reading but – it’s not up to me to make a final judgement. Only you, the readers, can tell.

Best regards,
Peter Lorange


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