New Website – New Communication

Dear reader

Recently, I was asked: „Why do you have a new website? The former was easy to navigate etc.…“. We all have habits, and working with a website is a little bit like always sitting on the same chair in a café.

But we are an organization, which must be kept up-to-date like all our products and innovations in the field of studies and pedagogy are kept up-to-date. Needless to say our communications must also meet these requirements and frankly, to me the new site is more intuitive and thus even more user friendly.

Hence, our new website shall reflect the uniqueness of the Lorange Institute and both inform and spur on future participants. It is inspired by our campus on the lakeshore and also by our tailored programs, which are completely based on modularity.

New website of the Lorange Institute of Business, a Zurich business school for executive Master of Science and Executive MBA

  (from left to right: modular study overview, new homesite, video testimonials)

The new website is at the heart of our communications and meets the technological needs of our claim to be the business school of the future. Of course, this includes the mobile aspects of Internet communication, the whole e-learning process and also the design.

I am convinced that with the new website our communication, both internal and external, will help us to communicate faster and more precisely.

I invite you to explore our new website and most of all our new exciting programs.

Peter Lorange


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