Let’s solve youth unemployment

Dear reader

Employment is one of the key issues of today. Usually, we talk about human capital management, talent retention and alike. But there is a form of wasting talent that affects us all: youth unemployment.

The problem: 60% of surveyed employers across Europe cannot find young candidates with the right soft skills & competencies. 7.5 million young people across Europe are out of a job, training or education. 2 million jobs are vacant and cannot be filled, limiting the growth potential of employers and creating instability for societies.

eYe Training

For this purpose the Circular Society, a Swiss-based for-profit enterprise that applies a business approach to solve social issues and which aims at creating sustainable business and societies, has designed the eYe-training curriculum to find jobs for unemployed youth in Portugal.

Carsten Sudhoff is the founder and CEO of Circular Society and one of the project originators. I know him personally and we, the Lorange Institute of Business, are a partner of Circular Society. Consequently, this partnership resulted in several events that we organized together. The latest event was about interconnected leadership.

As a partner, we also support  the foresighted initiative eYe-training to solve youth unemployment and we recommend that others take there cue from the various supporters.

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Peter Lorange




One thought on “Let’s solve youth unemployment

  1. Gunnar Eriksen

    This is a very worthwhile initiative. But I believe it must start early enough so that the school systems educate “talent” – by that I do not mean just regular high school and college education, but that in high school, the curriculum must also offer education and training in practical skills such as carpentry, car mechanics, plumbing, seamanship etc., for those youths who are more “hands-on” than inspired by book studies. The second thing is that youth must early on be motivated to come out in society ready to actually do work, for a reasonable good pay, and not expect jobs to be handed to them.

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