Coaching first – right after the arts

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Jörg Reckhenrich_2Joerg Reckhenrich, our faculty member for innovation and creativity management is both committed in art and management: he is an artist and director of the Berlin-based consultancy ‘Strategic Creativity Zurich’ and adjunct professor at the Antwerp Management School. With his profound experience, Joerg has facilitated workshops on creativity and innovation as part of executive education programs  at various business schools, including IMD.

In this article (Joerg is co-author) about coaching, the authors focus on the immense pressure of both companies and institutions which strive for innovation.

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The authors reflect how coaching today relies on experiences from the arts as we suspect the artist to be a role model for many things: leadership personalities, force of innovation, creativity and stratification of perspectives.

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How art and coaching do interact is explained in the article, which I would like to share with you.

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Why am I excited about the first quarter?

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After a two week holiday break I am back to business. We are facing exciting weeks until the first day of spring.

Open Day

On January 16 we open our doors for all people interested. So, if you like to meet us in a relaxed atmosphere, come over and join us for the open day.


January 21 is the beginning of our 10-day finance module. You can book this seminar without being a student. ECTS points will be credited and the fees reimbursed in case you start our Executive MBA program.
One of our speakers is Nilanjan Sen. He is associate professor of the Division of Banking and Finance at the Nanyang Business School in Singapore. His primary research focus is on Corporate Governance, Control Issues and International Finance.

Shipping and Leadership

February 11/12 and Feb 18/19 are each two days for short and intensive seminars.
The first is the “Innovation in Shipping” seminar, the second is about leadership and called “Leading with Impact“, taught by Mario Castagnetta, founder and director of Synchronicity SA, an international Human Resources Consulting company based in Geneva and Paul Vanderbroeck whom we recently interviewed.

Social Media

On March 11 and 12, Dr. Peter Otto is the instructor of the 2-day-module on social media. He commented events at Hewlett Packard in this blog.

6th Zurich Business Forum

Height of the season is certainly our 6th Zurich Business Forum, taking place on March 15 and 16. It has a focus on business ethics and sustainability. Keynote speaker are (amongst many others) Claude Hauser, former chairman of the board Migros, Dr Gerhard Prätorius from Volkswagen Group and Joachim Strähle, CEO of Bank Sarasin & Co. Ltd.

I guess you can understand why I am excited about the weeks ahead of us. I hope you’re delighted as well and I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Peter Lorange

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A new Era for Open Enrollment Programs

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we are about to launch our new corporate programs as we are convinced that many corporations are seeking for opportunitites in the field of executive education.

We were, of course, confronted with the question whether to offer closed programs only. That means whether we should offer tailored programs only, customized to the real need of the respective corporation. We do offer tailored programs. Nevertheless I feel the need for a lot of smaller companies to profit from executive education as well. (more about our corporate programs)

Discussing with participants at the 2nd Zurich Business Forum (in the large auditorium at the Lorange Institute of Business)

It was only last week when I came across the following article on the site Poets&Quants for Executives. The author, Clark Callahan, confirms, that “…in the past they have seen the demand for open enrollment programs ebb and flow with the historical tide of business cycles.”

I am sure, that not only the tide but also the time has come for a new era for open enrollement programs.

You’ll find the whole article HERE.

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Peter Lorange

Kompetenz im Verwaltungsrat

“Jedes Verwaltungsratsmitglied muss eine Kompetenz abdecken.” Der dies sagt ist Rolando Benedick, VR-Präsident der Valora Holding AG.

In allen Unternehmen weltweit ist der Verwaltungsrat eine wichtige Ressource; und mit ihm der Vorsitzende des Verwaltungsrats. Aber das sogenannte Board nutzt selten sein volles Potenzial. Das ist paradox, denn in den meisten Fällen steht viel Kompetenz und Erfahrung zur Verfügung. Es gibt eine “Lücke” zwischen dem vorhandenen Potenzial vieler Gremien und dem, was tatsächlich verwendet wird.

Wir vom Lorange Institut of Business haben eine Initiative gestartet Initiative und erörtern die Gründe für diese “Lücke” – und wie sie überbrückt werden kann.

Wir nennen es die Lorange Board-Initiative.

Lorange Board Initiative

In letzter Zeit wird viel über Board Governance und Regulierung geschrieben. Doch ein Thema wie die richtige Strategie für den Verwaltungsrat wird kaum erwähnt. Dabei ist es entscheidend, dass die im Verwaltungsrat vorhandenen strategischen Ressourcen richtig genutzt werden.

Wir vom Lorange Institute sind überzeugt, dass das Board of Directors eine ungenügend genützte Ressource ist. Viele häufig gemachte Fehler könnten vermieden und es könnte ein Mehrwert für die Unternehmen geschaffen werden, wenn der strategische Top-Down-Entscheidungsprozess verbessert wird. So wird auch das Management bei der Durchführung wichtiger strategischer Entscheidungen besser unterstützt. Die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Top-Management und Verwaltungsrat kann entscheidend verbessert und die Effizienz gesteigert werden.

Das Lorange Institut berät Vorsitzende und Vorstandsmitglieder bei der Ausarbeitung wichtiger strategischer Entscheidungen um die Board Performance zu verbessern und schliesslich die volle Kraft des Verwaltungsrats zu nutzen und die Lücke zwischen dem vorhandenen und genutzten Potenzial zu schliessen.


Im eben erst publizierten Schilling-Report der Executive Search Firma Guido Schilling AG, spricht Rolando Benedick, VR-Präsident der Valora Holding AG, über den Verwaltungsrat. Bemerkenswert seine Aussage: “Jedes Verwaltungsratsmitglied
muss eine Kompetenz abdecken”