Creative Leadership: introducing artworks in business education

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Creativity is a widely used term in the context of strategic planning, innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing, organizational and leadership development.

Creativity is, therefore, a key skill for leaders and organizations, in order not only to adapt to change, but also to proactively shape industries and markets. Art and business have many parallels.

Looking into the world of art holds many lessons for business people and provides ample opportunities to find new and interesting ideas for the business school setting.

Joerg Reckhenrich, member of the Lorange Business School faculty, Jamie Anderson, Adjunct Professor at the Antwerp Management School Antwerp Brussels, also teaching at our MBA Business School in Horgen,; Martin Kupp, Associate Professor at ESCP Europe ParisJoerg Reckhenrich (m), member of our faculty, together with Jamie Anderson (r),  Adjunct Professor at the Antwerp Management School Antwerp in Brussels and also teaching at our institute in Horgen, together with Martin Kupp, (l) Associate Professor at ESCP Europe Paris, are introducing three techniques:


  • Art coaching
  • Art dialogue
  • The mission impossible task

All three are based on using artworks and art history to create an interactive and experiential learning atmosphere and ultimately make program participants deal with their own creative potential.

Just recently they published an essay in the Journal of the NUS teaching (Volume 2, Number 2, May 2012) on how artworks can foster dialogue and creativity in business education.

Joseph Beuys Portrait, an example used by Jörg Reckhenrich to demonstrate the parallels between art and businessJoseph Beuys, an artist who strongly influenced Joerg Reckhenrichs strategy model

I am glad to share with you the piece. Download it by clicking on the portrait of Joseph Beuys, an artist who has been ‘used’ by Joerg to demonstrate the parallels between arts and business.

Peter Lorange


Jamie Anderson – A Member of the Faculty

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in the meantime I have already presented you some member of our faculty. Only yesterday I introduced you to Margareta Barchan.

Today I present you a well known scientist and member of our faculty:

Jamie Anderson

He has held permanent and visiting positions at leading business schools, such as the  London Business School, ESMT Berlin and the University of Melbourne. His research and teaching focuses on strategy, innovation and creativity.

He is now Professor of Strategy and Innovation Management at the Antwerp Management School. He is an award winning author and case writer, and was recently recognized by the journal Business Strategy Review as one of Europe’s top 25 management thinkers. He has published in many of the world’s leading academic journals.

Teaching at Lorange: Strategy for Profitable Growth

Photograph: Peter Hebeisen, Zürich

The artist is…

the creator of beautiful things. Most of us remember the famous quotation from Oscar Wilde’s legendary novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray”.

Nevertheless, art is more than beauty.Today, executives and leaders are called to face the increasing complexity of the economic world with the creative potential of their staff.

Joerg Reckhenrich, a highly appreciated, regular guest lecturer at the Lorange Institute, combines arts and management.

It was the intensive study of Joseph Beuys, which made him combine his artistic approach with the work as consultant. During the last couple of years, several of his art projects have been created around topics like organizational values, structures and dialogue.

Just recently he published – together with Dr. Martin Kupp – an article in the magazine Personalwirtschaft (Human Resource) on the organization as a piece of art.

You’ll find the entire article here: Organisation als Kunstwerk

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