Pictures from inside a US embassy

Dear reader

Marketing, you might agree, has always something in common with hyperbolism. I mean, nothing ever is as good as it is promoted. Not even this blogpost.

And if I claim to publish “pictures” from inside a US embassy, it is a bit of both teasing my readership and the national security agency (which has not the best image for the moment).

Yet, I show you pictures from inside, however, it is not the embassy but the ambassador’s residence.

Villa OtiumVilla Otium
US Ambassador’s Residence

As announced last week, I’ll add some pictures from the breakfast meeting. The atmosphere was very relaxed and still it was very cultivated as I usually don’t wear a tie for breakfast and don’t eat every day from porcelain dishes with golden rim (I usally sit on a table in the public hall of my business school at 7 a.m., drinking coffee from a vending machine in a regular china cup).

HR Breakfast 11 HR Breakfast HR Breakfast2 HR Breakfast3Unfortunately, nobody played the grand piano in the backroom. By the way, if you are interested in the history of the residence, there is wonderfully designed booklet about the Villa Otium. You can download it by clicking on the ancient archtiect’s plan here below.

Wishing you all a good time.
Peter Lorange

Villa Otium Oslo Architects plan


My presentation at the US Embassy in Oslo

Dear reader

A little bit more than a month ago I informed you about my visit to the US embassy. Ambassador Barry White in Oslo invited Philipp Boksberger, who is the COO of the Lorange Institute, my son Per and myself to a breakfast meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to give a presentation on “Innovations in Shipping”.

The US embassy is located in the building still, which was opened in 1959. It is a triangular building consisting of four stories and a basement, measuring 59 meters by 47 meters by 47 meters (a year ago, the groundbreaking ceremony for an embassy at a new location was conducted in Oslo).

US Embassy in Oslo

However, the presentation and the breakfast meeting took place at the Ambassador’s residence. The Villa Otium, built in 1911, was designed by renowned Norwegian architect Henrik Bull for Hans Andreas Olsen, the Norwegian Consul General at St. Petersburg and his wife Ester, the niece of Alfred Nobel.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-06-21 um 17.16.47

Now, originally I intended to speak about innovations in shipping as at the same time the NOR Shipping Fair took place in Oslo. But then I changed the subject of my presentation and spoke about a something, which is key not only in shipping but in all industries: the human talents.

The presentation focused on HR is easily summarized:

Companies must acquire and develop relevant competences. Only then are they capable of satisfying the key customers through innovations. Key is, to get the relevant competencies on board, which means, that HR is more important than ever. I even consider HR to be key and it should be, in my opinion the CEO’s extension.

You may download the presentation but mind: I am not the expert in creating slides. I am more a typo-fixed presenter. I hope you’ll get over it.

I will soon present you some pictures from the meeting, too. The residence is what the Swiss would call a “bijou” (a jewel). I am looking forward to this and remain

Peter Lorange 450px-US_ambassade_i_Oslo

Visit from the Embassy

Dear reader,

After a sunny Easter weekend we did not go back to business as ususal, but we had the great opportunity to welcome two dignitaries from the United States, the ambassdor of the U.S. in Switzerland, Donald S. Beyer Jr. and the ambassador of the U.S. in Norway, Barry B. White.

(from right to left) Barry B. White, Meg Beyer, Donald S. Beyer Jr., myself

We met for lunch at the institute and could profit from the gorgeous weather and the fantastic atmosphere. We discussed various topics, including the necessity for contemporary business education to adapt to the real needs of the economy. Briefly, what we from the Lorange Institute work for day after day.

Barry B. White was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to be Ambassador of the United States of America to Norway on September 22, 2009. In a confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Mr. White emphasized the commitment shared by Norway and the U.S. to promoting human rights, democracy, and freedom throughout the world.

Prior to his appointment as Ambassador, Barry White served for over 13 years as Chairman and Managing Partner (CEO) of Foley Hoag LLP, where he was a senior partner in the firm’s business, corporate, international and government strategies practice areas. He practiced law at Foley Hoag for 40 years.

Donald S. Beyer Jr. was sworn in as the United States Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein on August 5, 2009.

Ambassador Beyer is a nationally recognized political, business and philanthropic leader.  Over the last thirty years, he built a strong reputation in Virginia, where he grew a successful and reputable business, and spent eight years as Lieutenant Governor.

In addition to his political career, Ambassador Beyer is recognized as a leader in business.  He built a profitable and community-based collection of retail automobile dealerships, representing eight franchises and four manufacturers:  Volvo, Land Rover, Subaru, and Kia. The Beyer business brand is one of the best-known retail automobile names in the nation.

Peter Lorange