CEO Magazine MBA Rankings: Results

Dear reader

You might remember that I am not the biggest fan of MBA rankings. However, magazines like the US CEO magazine never fail to impress me when they put our institute on a top position.

I am therefore delighted  to share with you that our Lorange Institute of Business ranked Tier One in the magazines MBA rankings.

CEO Magazine TIER ONEI want to emphasise: it was not me, but my team which achieved this success. You may may download all the rankings. Just click on the cover of the December issue featuring Jack Welch.

CEO Magezine December 2013
So, many congratulations to my team! Thank you for your permanent efforts!

Peter Lorange




2011 Global MBA Rankings

Dear reader,

we all now too well the famous quote by Winston Churchill, to never believe a statistic, unless you forged it yourself.

Some say the same is true for rankings. Honestly, there are many rankings. Banks are ranked. Univeristies. Airports. And Business Schools as well.

Of course, we aprreciate the good ranking. But according to my understandnig, it is important to move on and not to rest on our laurels.


Klick the link to read the article (it’s a pdf).

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Peter Lorange

Interview with the CEO-Magazine

Dear reader,

I am thrilled that within less than a month an interview will be published in the CEO-Magazine. Let me just share with you – as an appetizer – a few lines.

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Peter Lorange