Neue Kooperation zwischen dem Lorange Institute of Business Zurich und Ashridge Business School

Es freut uns, Ihnen unseren neuen Partner, die Ashridge Business School (England), vorzustellen, mit der wir eine Kooperationsvereinbarung unterzeichnet haben. Unsere Studenten, die ihren Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) oder Master of Science in Management (MSc) erfolgreich abschliessen, erhalten einen dualen Abschluss und werden an beiden Schulen, am Lorange Institut of Business und an der Ashridge Business School, diplomiert.

Ashridge accredited

Gegründet 1959, ist Ashridge eine der weltweit führenden Business Schools und wird von der einschlägigen Fachpresse (Finanz / Management) wiederholt als führender Anbieter von Executive Education und Management-Entwicklung eingestuft. Ashridge steht für eine Kombination aus Forschung, Erfahrung und praktischer Anwendung und ist von den drei wichtigsten Organisationen akkreditiert: AMBA, EQUIS und AASCB.

Ashridge unterscheidet sich von anderen Anbietern durch seine Philosophie. Die Schule will sich von seinen Mitbewerbern deutlich abheben und ähnelt in diesem Ansatz dem Lorange Institute: sie ist sehr praktisch und auf reale Probleme im täglichen Wirtschaftsleben ausgerichtet.

Die Dozenten an der Ashridge Business School sind demzufolge auch keine traditionellen Akademiker, sondern verfügen über umfangreiche internationale Erfahrungen, was wiederum eine Parallele zwischen unserem neuen Partner und unserem eigenen Business Institute darstellt. Auch wir reagieren schnell auf Tendenzen in der Wirtschaft, sind praktisch ausgerichtet und bestrebt, mit unseren Programmen an der Spitze zu sein.

Gegenwärtig sind wir der erste Kooperationspartner der Ashridge Business School. Unsere Zusammenarbeit ermöglicht beiden Parteien, in der EU international anerkannte Studienabschlüsse zu vergeben.


Im Jahre 2009 erhielt die Ashridge Business School die Ermächtigung, Abschlüsse an Partnerschulen zu vergeben, die in Verbindung und in Einklang mit den hohen akademischen Standards ihrer eigenen MBA, MSc und Diplome stehen. Ashridge’s neuer akademischer Akkreditierungs-Service gewährt seitdem ausgewählten Organisationen, einen Ashridge akkreditierten Abschluss in Wirtschaft und Verwaltung anzubieten.

Ashridge Business School Students

Unser Präsident, Peter Lorange, sagte bei der Unterzeichnung: “Obwohl wir am Lorange Institute of Business Zurich einen eigenen Abschluss vergeben, bietet diese Vereinbarung unseren Absolventen noch mehr Möglichkeiten. International validiert zu sein, steigert zudem unseren Ruf als Business School der Zukunft.“

Ashridge Business School

Dr Vicky Vass, Director of Academic Accreditation, Ashridge Business School kommentierte das Abkommen mit den Worten: “Wir freuen uns auf die Arbeit mit dem Lorange Institute of Business Zurich und hoffen auf eine lange und erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit.“

Wir freuen uns unsererseits auf eine erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit mit unserem neuen Partner in Grossbritannien.

Lorange Institute of Business



New University Partner in the U.K.

Dear readers,

The future of the University of Wales, a partner institution of the Lorange Institue of Business, had come into question following Welsh government proposals to rationalise the structure of higher education in Wales. It was compounded by scandals involving courses validated by the University of Wales at outside bodies at in the UK and overseas.

The university was a federation of institutions across the Principality, and its constituent parts will now go their separate ways. Two – Newport and Glyndwr, in Wrexham – will become independent universities, while Swansea Metropolitan will merge with Trinity St David, based in Lampeter and Carmarthen.

The new merged college will operate under the royal charter of Trinity Saint David, which dates back nearly 190 years. This new merged Swansea Met-Trinity university will inherit the Lorange Institute of Business’ master programs.

The UoW validated our Master’s programs; the validation was a warrant that our degrees were recognized in the countries of the European Union. So far, the Lorange Institute of Business Zurich is not affected at the moment.

I will provide you with more detailed information as soon as possible.

Peter Lorange

Making money is art

Dear reader

Andy Warhol once said: „Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.“
The ultimate goal of marketing is to sell more products and services, to more people, more often and at a better return. In this weeks program (today and tomorrow) called Customer Value Management Philippe Marmara and  J. André de Barros Teixeira will explore key marketing concepts, customer insights and techniques to support organizations in delivering exceptional marketing.

Peter Lorange

Philippe Marmara

The current senior partner and vice president of Globalpraxis Consulting is responsible of the group marketing strategy and assists senior clients in business development, commercialization and marketing. He also advises CEOs and GMs on development strategies and is a board member of Quantum leap / Options Avenir in France. His 25 years of experience include the Coca-Cola Company, Vodafone, Heinz, Unilever and KLM. He holds an MA from the Institute of Economic and Management Studies, Bordeaux, and an MBA (honours) from London City University.

J. André de Barros Teixeira
Dr. Teixeira was Vice President, International R&D, with Campbell Soup Company between 2007 and 2010. Since 2005, he has consulted on projects through eemPOK, an Experiential Innovation Management company he founded in Belgium, covering the following areas among others: new businesses, innovation strategies and customer-centric innovation. He is also a partner at A4BS, a technology start-up based in Belgium. Previously, he was Vice President, Global Innovation and Development with Interbrew (subsequently InBev) and was with Coca-Cola for 23 years worldwide and among many positions was President for Coca-Cola Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. He is a frequent guest speaker in a number of conferences world-wide and lectures in Innovation Management at business schools and is Chairman of the Board of the International School of Brussels

Bärbel Schwertfeger about the MBA of the Lorange Institute

Dear reader

Bärbel Schwertfeger is one of the two-three journalists worldwide with cutting-edge insights regarding MBA programs.

Bärbel Schwertfeger, Spiegel Journalistin über Karriere-Themen im KarriereSPIEGEL und SPIEGEL online. Bärbel Schwertfeger gilt als Autorität im Bereich der höheren Weiterbildung (post-graduate education) und Themen wie dem MBA und dem Executive MBA. In Ihrem Blog hat sie auch schon mehrfach über das Lorange Institute of Business geschrieben.Bärbel Schwertfeger

With her deep commitment to top quality, and to full transparency regarding how such programs are to be presented to participants, we in the business school field are deeply thankful to Bärbel Schwertfeger for her promotion of quality. Her actions and suggestions always have strong impact on how the best-of-practice is evolving. Bärbel Schwertfeger is the leading expert regarding MBA programs – and therefore she is being listened to!

Half a year ago she published the following article about our AMBA-Accreditation. The Association of MBAs is an international impartial authority on postgraduate business education and accredits MBA programs at 168 schools in nearly 70 countries.

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How innovative is Switzerland?

Dear reader

according to the latest publications by Insead, the Business School of the World, Switzerland is the most innovative country.

The country is top in creating an innovation friendly environment from which -measurably – a high and innovative output results.

The authors evaluated 80 measurable variables, including political stability and the predictability of legal decisions. Or the costs for the launch of a company.

A total of seven thematic pillars included all the variables. You’ll find the results in the attached PDF below.

Download: Switzerland Globalinnovation Index

I am happy to say that our Business Insitute is in full line with the country’s result: the core focus of our various Executive Master Programs (Master of Science and MBA) lies on innovation and how to implement it in your daily business.

Kind regards,
Peter Lorange

(source: Insead, the Business School of the World)

Interview with the CEO-Magazine

Dear reader,

I am thrilled that within less than a month an interview will be published in the CEO-Magazine. Let me just share with you – as an appetizer – a few lines.

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Peter Lorange

A New Master Class – MBA or MSc?

During the past two weeks a new Master Class has taken its first steps towards their master degree.

One of the most outstanding aspects of all our programs is the modularized structure. However, our programs are not only modularized. They are also highly synchronized.

Credits awarded in one program can be transferred to any other program of the Lorange Institute.

This means that you even have the possibility to switch to another program in case you fulfill the entry requirements.

Did you know, that, with the exception of “Core of Business & Management”, you can start right away with any module of your master studies?

This advantage is key. It allows you to start right away. As there is no fix schedule, you don’t have to wait until any specific module start. You decide how you schedule your studies.

Learn more about our programs on our website:

This is one of many advantages at the Lorange Institute. When do you take your decision?


Peter Lorange